Pomeranian Breed Info And Fun Facts!

Looking for the perfect little friend for your apartment or small living space? Then the Pomeranian is the perfect lap dog for you!
Pomeranian Breed Info And Fun Facts

This Pomeranian is popular with the British royal family. They love to make their presence known by the large amounts of energy they hold.

Whenever they can, they will try to play and grab the attention of grownups in the household. They’re small, they weigh up to 3-7 Ibs and can grow up 7-12 inches.

This means they make the perfect apartment dog!

Yet, you will have to have a yard or be there to take them out, as they have lots of energy spurts they need to use up.

They will and are ready to command the attention of the whole household. They also serve as a fantastic watchdog to notify if any intruders come into your home.


Unlike small dog breeds, a Pomeranian is your perfect companion if you’re outgoing. This little dog holds a reputation for its extroverted nature.

They should have at least one walk a day and have adequate playtime. Due to this lively nature, they’re not afraid to challenge and bark at bigger dogs.

These little lap dogs will get along with new people or animals if socialized from an early age. Yet, they can also get fed up with forced affection. If you give them this, they will shy away and keep their distance.

If you like your home to be peaceful and quiet, it can be a bit challenging owning a Pomeranian. This breed will bark at many things that seem unusual to them. After some time, this can get irritating, but you can stop this if you train them to stop barking on command.

This is an intelligent breed that can outsmart you if it’s not careful. Sometimes a Pomeranian’s lively personality can cause them to choose not to listen to you. They tend to feel a heightened sense of importance.


You should stop this from an early age and make sure you stop the possessive elements cropping up while as a puppy. Typical signs to look out for are; being dominant over toys, treats, and bedding.

Their temperament can depend on their genetics, training, and socialization that’s taken place. If you’re thinking about buying a Pomeranian, it might be good to meet the breeder and the dog’s parents first.


This small dog breed descends from their ancestors the ancient Spitz located in Pomerania. Pomerania is now the northeastern area of Europe which is an area of Poland and Western Germany.

They’re also linked to the Samoyed, German Spitz, Norwegian Elkhound, American Eskimo Dog, and the Schipperke.

These breeds have furry coats, prick ears, and wedge-like heads. Most of these dogs were also used to protect farm animals and sled dogs in the Arctic region.

Over time, Pomeranians became more refined and got recognized by The English Kennel Club in 1870. During the 18th century, Pomeranians increased in popularity. They were a favorite of Queen Victoria. She started her adoration for the breed when she went on a trip to Italy to visit.

After her trip, she decided to own one as a pet and then later went on breeding them! She was pretty serious inbreeding too. During a Crufts dog show in 1891, she entered six of her Pomeranian breeds for show.

Out of her Pomeranians, she fell for her smallest dog called Windsor Marco, who was only 12 Ibs.

This dog was one of the main inspirations to make Pomeranians even smaller in the U.K.! This happened during the 1900s-1930s.

Before this, they had coat colors of white, black, and brown. With the increase, their orange coat became more popular and well known.

During the mid 19th century, they became one of the popular breeds in the USA. According to the American Kennel Club, today they rank in the top 20 breeds.

Even famous people like Marie Antoinette, Mozart, Martin Luthe, and Michelangelo have owned them.


When it comes to grooming, you have to do so regularly and carefully. This small dog breed has a double coat and is not hypoallergenic. What we mean by this is that they shed in moderation.

Yet there are times like between seasons where they shed a lot. If you suffer from allergies, we would advise against getting a Pomeranian.

It’s recommended that you brush twice a week using a metal comb and a wire slicker brush. It would be best if you brush every time down to the skin, so its fur does not mat.


You should bathe them every three weeks at least. If done any sooner, it could strip any natural oils away and put them at risk of getting dry skin and infections. Likewise, it would help if you used a special dog shampoo and conditioner.

You should brush this small dog breeds teeth every day as they can be prone to getting dental problems.

Health Problems

Most of the time, Pomeranians are a healthy breed to own. Yet, they can be prone to a few of the following health problems:

  • Luxating patella: When their knee cap dislocates. They experience a lot of pain and mobility issues.
  • Tracheal collapse: A condition where their trachea easily collapses, causing breathing difficulties.
  • Epilepsy: Some Pomeranians can be prone to having epilepsy and having seizures. You can usually control this.
  • Dental problems: This small dog breed is susceptible to many dental issues. They commonly have gum and teeth problems.
  • Alopecia X (A.X.): Pomeranians can also be prone to getting a skin condition known as Alopecia. This causes hair to fall out, and the condition can make them prone to infections.


It’s recommended that you feed a Pomeranian high-quality dry dog food each day. The amount and frequency of food that’s needed can depend on its age, weight, and medical conditions.

To know more, we recommend consulting a veterinarian first for their advice.

Did you know?

Fun Fact #1

Pomeranians are also referred to as Poms and Pom Poms.

Fun Fact #2

Pomeranians are also therapy dogs and also help assist people with their hearing.

Fun Fact #3

When Michaelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, a Pomeranian was sat next to him.

Final Thoughts

If not socialized or trained while young, they will bark easily. This means they could disturb the peaceful environment your home has and your neighbors.

Pomeranians are not the best breed if you have allergies as they do shed in moderation. They should be brushed on a regular basis using a comb and slicker brush. Similarly, they should be washed every three weeks at a minimum.

Pomeranians are full of energy and need at least one daily walk and some playtime. They’re renowned for their intelligence too. In fact, this small dog breed is unique serving as therapy dogs and being owned by many famous people.

These are just a few wonderful traits of this dog breed. 

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Judd Albring - Lap Dog Lover, Blogger

Judd Albring - Lap Dog Lover, Blogger

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