How To Stop Dog From Barking At Door For Good!

Some dogs go crazy when they hear the doorbell ring. They bark at the door for different reasons, usually to let their family know that someone is there. Dogs also might be excited to see who has come to visit.
stop dog barking at door

You will need to start training your dog to stay calm when people arrive. You can do this with a good amount of patience and training. Plus, you will need to reward good behavior immediately if you want to make changes.

Here are some of the easiest ways on how to stop dog from barking at door and how to keep your dog calm when the doorbell rings

Why Dogs Bark at the Door?

Dogs may be startled by the sound of the doorbell ringing. They want to alert you that a stranger is near, which is why they are very loud. Some dogs love people and are very excited to see who is on the other side of the door.

Many guests don’t appreciate being jumped on by other people’s dogs. You will want your dog to have more restraint before your next guest arrives. There are plenty of different ways to achieve this.

So,how to stop dog from barking at door?

Teach Commands

First, you will want to teach your dog a few basic commands. They are very helpful in getting your dog to stay calm when guests arrive. The best to start with are “sit” and “stay”, since they are also useful when someone knocks at the door.

Start by teaching your dog the sit and stay commands. You will also need to teach them when they can move again- most people will tell them “Okay”. This phrase is known as a release command.

You can use it to keep your pet calm at the door. They should sit until your guest is inside and the door is shut. When you are ready, you can tell them “Okay”, which signals to your dog that they can get back up.

It helps if you teach your dog to sit at a certain place near the door. You don’t want them to be in the way when your guests are trying to enter the home.

You can train by having a family member or friend come to your door and knock. Tell your dog to stay, then open the door. Continue reinforcing “stay” until the person is inside. If your dog moves beforehand, have your helper go outside and shut the door.

It can take a lot of repetition, but your dog will learn that they only get to see who’s at the door if they remain calm. They will understand that barking is not going to help them bring the visitor inside.

Command are the most common way and effective inhow to stop dog from barking at door.

Use Treats

One of the easiest ways to change what your pet associates the doorbell with is to use treats. You will want to have a family member or friend help you with this one.

Have them ring your doorbell, then immediately give your dog a treat. If your pup starts barking, then ignore them. When they quiet down, give them another treat. The idea is to give your dog snacks when they are quiet and calm.

How To Stop Dog From Barking At Door
How To Stop Dog From Barking At Door For Good!

You will need to use encouraging words and have a calm tone of voice while trying out this training method. If you can’t have someone help you, you can do this training routine on your own- be careful that your dog doesn’t get outside!

We recommend practicing for about five minutes. Then, you will want to take a break for a few hours. Your dog will start to understand that being calm earns them a treat, while their barking and jumping is ignored.

You can keep the treats near the door for now. If someone stops by and happens to ring the doorbell, you will want to reward your dog when they stay calm.

Have Family Help

When family members return home, odds are that they don’t ring the doorbell before coming inside. You will want to have them assist you with your dog’s training.

Have your family start ringing the doorbell when they arrive. They should wait until your dog stops barking before they enter. If you happen to be home when they arrive, you will want to reinforce the training with your dog.

You can use either the treat method or the commands to help stop your dog from barking at the door. No matter which option you decide to use, you will want to be sure that you stay consistent.

Play With Your Pup

Next, make sure that you play with your dog often throughout the day. You can also go on walks to get them their exercise. Dogs need to get 60 minutes of activity each day, depending on their breed. 

By playing with your pup and taking them on more walks, you will tire them out. Your dog will be less energetic and bark less at the door if someone arrives.

Doing this will make your dog happier and also make them feel more comfortable around people, especially if you encourage your guests to play with them too.

That way, your dog will learn that visitors aren’t a threat to them and will be less likely to bark at the door when they arrive.

Distract Them

Finally, you may want to distract your dog with a different task. Try giving them a command, such as “get a toy” or something that requires them to walk away from the door. This will distract them for a bit, causing them to lose interest in barking at the door.

Plus, when your dog is carrying a toy, they won’t be able to bark very loudly. They may also feel comforted if it’s their favorite item.

Bark Collars

There are several different types of bark collars that can help with how to stop dog from barking at door.

Now, bark collars are not for everyone. Some come with a “shock” option for bigger dogs. We understand if that’s not your thing

Luckily you have the option for vibrations and beeps also. Check out our list of 11 Best Bark Collars For Small Dogs here.

Final Thoughts

Most dogs will bark at the door. How to stop dog from barking at door will take time and patience.

However, when they become too excited, it can be alarming to your guests.

You will want to train your dogs to start reacting less to the doorbell. It may take several weeks of training, but your pup should learn to associate the doorbell with remaining calm.

Judd Albring - Lap Dog Lover, Blogger

Judd Albring - Lap Dog Lover, Blogger

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