New Brain Training For Dogs Review

Brain Training for Dogs provides you with everything you need to know to help stimulate your dog’s mind. By doing so, you can reduce the number of behavioral problems they have and keep them feeling happy.
brain training for dogs

I would have to say there are many reasons to teach your dog some new tricks!

Many people believe that dogs need to training through force.

But, you don’t need to show dominance or use punishments to train your dog. There are better ways to do this that keep your dog happy and healthy- and causes less stress!

What Makes Brain Training For Dogs Unique

This program is better than the competition for several reasons. Most dog training programs don’t engage your dog mentally, which fails to improve intelligence.

Plus, those programs don’t address what is causing the dog’s behavior issues.

Many programs also use too much force, which proves to not work in the long term.

Brain Training for Dogs provides an alternative method that allows you to use positive reinforcement instead.

In short, Brain Training for Dogs uses a better training method to help change your dog’s bad behaviors.

brain training for dogs

If you tried other training programs that didn’t seem to work.

It’s likely because there was too much force and shows of dominance involved. This new method works better, without damaging your relationship with your beloved pet.

How Does It Work?

The Brain Training method is about bonding with your dog and building trust with them. You will have to be patient- but it is very worth it!

You will build a lasting relationship with your dog, who will feel happy listening to you.

The method works by motivating the dog and keeping trust between you.

Who is Adrienne Farricelli?

Adrienne is a professional dog trainer. Her methods don’t use any force and she is a member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Adrienne believes that positive reinforcement is the best training method for dogs, as it helps to correct their behavior for the long term.

You can check out the Brain Training for Dogs website if you want to see samples of her work.

She posts plenty of articles that can help you train your dog. They are all very informative and worth reading!

Brain Training For Dogs Content

The Brain Training for Dog’s website is full of content created by Adrienne. She makes dog training videos and writes informative articles.

Her writing style is very easy to read and understand.

Some dog training books use technical words, which are harder to understand.

If you want to learn easily and efficiently, then her writing would be the better choice. She makes it easy to train your pet.

Learn how to stop a puppy from chewing, how to get your dog to stop biting and the big one how to train a dog not to bark!

What are The Courses Like?

Brain Training for Dogs consists of 21 games that teach your dog and stimulate them mentally. The course includes several models that start at Preschool and go all the way to the Einstein level.

Teach Piano 336 x 280 - Animated

The videos are all based on recent studies and use recent research to train the dogs. They use science-based training, which is important to know about before you get into the courses.

Science-Based Training

Are you wondering what this phrase means?

Science-based training is a way to change an animal’s behavior through a consistent marker.

If you’ve heard of clicker training, this would be a wonderful example of this.

This form of training relies on research conducted by dog behaviorists, allowing people to gain insight into how their pet thinks.

The Airplane Game

One of the first games you access is the airplane game. Adrienne designed the activity to improve your dog’s ability to pay attention. If you struggle with behavioral issues from your dog, playing the game with them will help a lot!

The game keeps your dog mentally engaged, which can improve their learning and intelligence.

Plus, it makes the dog more aware of what you are doing, making them better able to understand you and your commands down the line.

This brain game is free right now on the Brain Training for Dogs website. If you are considering the course, you can try this out first. It will let you know if the training method will work for you.

Are the Lessons Worth It?

Yes, I would have to say these lessons are good! You start by watching an introduction, which will assist you in training your pup. Then come the Obedience courses.

Adrienne will usually offer several different ways to train your dog in one video allowing you to choose the one your dog responds to the best.

Even if your dog already knows all the obedience basics, I still recommend that you complete them.

That way, you can refresh your dog on commands taught long ago.

Teach Ring Stackers 336 x 280 - Animated

Plus, they will need to know all of them if you want to master all the brain training games in the future.

Once you complete the Obedience basics, you move onto the Preschool level. These lessons include attention games and other training, which will help your dog build a strong foundation to learn even more. Plus, they are great bonding activities for you to complete.

You don’t want to skip any of the lesson levels as you move through the courses. This training method relies on building blocks. If you skip too far ahead, your dog may struggle in the next level. If you want them to master all the brain training, then you should take the time to go through each lesson.

I would have to say that the courses are worth it. You build trust with your dog and spend time working on all the training basics. As you move through the courses to the advanced lessons, you will notice many positive changes in your pup!

Final Thoughts

Grab Brain Training For Dogs Here

Brain Training for Dogs is a wonderful at-home option for people who need to train their dogs online.

It helps with behavioral issues and more!

The author is a very talented person who has spent many years working with dogs. I am are sure you’ll enjoy the games and lessons she has created.

Judd Albring - Lap Dog Lover, Blogger

Judd Albring - Lap Dog Lover, Blogger

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