Best Dog Food For Small Breeds

Smaller breeds have a higher metabolism level than big breeds- which means they need food created for their specific size.
Best Dog Food For Small Breeds

If your dog is under 20 pounds as a healthy adult, then you will want to keep reading. We have everything you need to know right here.

There are many safe brands out there that work wonders at providing smaller dogs with the proper nutrients. Let’s begin!

1.Taste of the Wild Small Breed Recipe: Appalachian Valley

When it comes to thebest dog food for small breeds this brand uses real meat as their number one ingredient.

Best Dog Food For Small Breeds
Taste of the Wild Small Breed Recipe: Appalachian Valley

They never use any grains or wheat to make their recipes. Plus, they are a family-owned company and only use sustainable sources to gather their ingredients.

Additionally, the food is very healthy for small breeds. Your pet will be sure to get all of its needed nutrients from this dry food option.

We have talked about Taste Of The Wild before. You might have guessed by now it’s our pick forBest Dog Food For Small Breeds!


  • Uses real meat and is grain free
  • Best for small breed adult dogs
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives


  • None!

2. Nulo Freestyle Small Breed Dog Food

This dry kibble recipe contains a probiotic, which helps to keep your pet’s stomach and digestive system healthy. It is a bit pricey for a bag, but it contains all of the nutrients that your dog needs.

Nulo Freestyle Small Breed Dog Food
Nulo Freestyle Small Breed Dog Food

The food is grain-free and contains no artificial preservatives or colors which is why it’s recommended as one of thebest dog food for small breeds.

It also is mostly made up of meat, allowing your dog to enjoy the taste while getting all of their daily required protein.

The product also uses smaller amounts of carbs and less sugar, making it a healthier meal for your pet to enjoy. Finally, it also comes with a smaller kibble size, which is needed for small breeds.

They won’t choke on it and can eat without hurting their stomachs.


  • Includes fresh salmon, turkey, and menhaden fish 
  • Supports higher metabolisms
  • Great for improving energy levels
  • Good ingredients


  • Can be a bit pricier than other options

3. Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Adult Dog Food

This brand sources all of its protein from high-quality meats. Making it one of the best dog foods for small breeds.

Wellness Small Breed Complete also provides your small dog with all the nutrition they need to keep their energy levels high.

Best Dog Food For Small Breeds
Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Adult Dog Food

The food includes at least 28% protein, making it an excellent option that is easy for small dogs to digest.

Turkey, chicken, and salmon are some of the main ingredients that you can find in this option.

The food also contains plenty of veggies and fruits that provide your pet with all the antioxidants they need to be healthy. It will be sure to make your pet’s coat shinier and keep them energized during the day.


  • Contains 28% crude protein
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Healthy and good for their coats and joints


  • Some dogs can have a reaction

Reading a Dog Food Label

ALWAYS read the label when choosing thebest dog food for small breeds.

You will want to learn how to read a dog food label so you can order the best brands and products for your pets. Some dog food labels can be intentionally misleading and hard to understand. Shady companies do this to sell food that isn’t made from good quality ingredients.

Look for labels that say “complete and balanced” on the bag. These labels indicate that the dog food contains the minimum amount of nutrients needed for dogs. That way, your pet doesn’t suffer from a vitamin deficiency.

Next, check the bag for the life stage the food is intended for. You will want to ensure you are buying food for the age of your dog. Otherwise, your pet could potentially not receive all of the nutrients that they need.

Finally, many small breeds tend to have allergies. Talk with your vet about what your pet is allergic to and create a list. Whenever you are buying a new dog food product, make sure to check your list. You never want to feed your pet something that they are allergic to. You will need to check the ingredients list on the bags. 

What to Know About Small Breed Nutrition

Having the right nutrition information is key to your dog’s health and overall well-being. Make sure to ask your vet or trainer before choosing thebest dog food for small breeds.

Smaller breeds are very different from large dogs. They need different levels of nutrients and require a different amount of calories. Small dogs also have faster metabolisms, requiring that they eat a certain amount of food.

Dogs are not strictly meat eaters, despite what you may have been told in the past. They need nutrients from veggies and meat alike to stay healthy. You will want to make sure they have a balanced diet. 

That is why many people choose to buy from quality brands- they use more than just meat in their recipes. The best brands also use fruits and vegetables that are safe for dogs to consume. Dry dog food is healthy and makes it easier for people to figure out how to supply their dog with the nutrients that they need.

If your breed has nutrition concerns, you will want to talk with your vet about what to feed them. They may offer you prescription dog food or other foods, depending on the health risks that your pet has.

Consider Your Budget

Finally, you will want to consider your budget when it comes to buying dog food. You want to buy something that you can afford, while still ensuring that your pet is getting all of their nutritional needs.

Expensive dog food isn’t always a sign that it’s a quality recipe. Make sure that you talk with your vet- they will let you know if the food you’ve been feeding your pet is healthy enough.Your vet also can assist you in finding something that keeps your pet healthy while staying in your budget.

Final Thoughts: Best Dog Food For Small Breeds

There are plenty of great dog food brands out there. You will need to know what to look for on the packaging. That way, you know you are receiving a quality product that is good for your pet.

Overall, you will want to talk with your vet if you can. Ask them if the above brands of dog food will work for your pup. Small breeds are prone to food allergies, so be sure to keep that in mind!

Judd Albring - Lap Dog Lover, Blogger

Judd Albring - Lap Dog Lover, Blogger

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